Chaplain Jeff Carter's First Prison Message

This past Sunday evening, March 17, I was scheduled to give my first full message at the prison. Instead the Master showed up and took over the service. The chapel was packed to standing room where we had to get folding chairs for men to sit in. The Cherry Street Choir was anointed by God and brought us in His presence in a wonderful way. I believe God is moving on men at Forsyth Correctional Center in a genuine and dynamic way. We had church!

You just don't know what small things mean to people, especially to these guys who are incarcerated. After the service, volunteers, staff and the men gathered down stairs for some fellowship with drinks and snacks. While walking around and speaking to inmates, one man shared with me that his first day at the prison was December 21 when I was scheduled to preach. Unfortunately, I had a car accident on the way there, and my car was totaled. I felt fine (which was a miracle in itself) and went on to the prison to join the inmates for the Christmas celebration. This particular inmate said he was blessed by the fact that I had showed up after being involved in an accident. He and another inmate proceeded to tell how oftentimes at other facilities they would wait for the chaplain or preacher, but he never would show up. Therefore it would be just the handful of inmates sitting around waiting for a chaplain who never showed. This particular inmate shared when I arrived to the Christmas worship after my accident, he knew God had him here for a reason. Amazing how my presence after that accident showed these guys that God cares!