Of the myriad of people we minister to daily as Christians,

                 few are more desperate, more in need of Christ’s love and forgiveness

        than our brothers and sisters who are imprisoned.

             Not only are they physically bound, they are often spiritually bankrupt 

                                and morally adrift.

         In order to minister as we have been commissioned, we must see the

               incarcerated not as ‘us’ and ‘them,’ but ONE in the body of Christ.

       They are fathers, mothers, spouses, siblings. 

             They are children of God — no less than we are —

        and they deserve our love and compassion.


        In the story of the prodigal son, we are told that the father recognized

                     his son returning home —even from a great distance.

       For many of our brothers and sisters, the distance between themselves and

                             their Father feels immense. They have lost their way,

                   but they are not lost.


         God commissioned us to tend to His sheep, so tend we must.

                 Then hopefully — at the end of our days —

         we will hear the words of our Lord that we long to hear:

                                Well done, good and faithful servant.

                                                 Well done.